Brinetta Zirconia and Pearl Stud Earring

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A timeless pair of stud earrings with a classic pairing of fresh water pearl and faceted zirconia set in high-grade gold plating, applied in 5 layers.

Each piece is made entirely by hand by skilled goldsmiths and studio artists in Germany near the city of Freiburg in the Black Forest. More than 50 work steps are involved in gold plating each piece. Using only the finest materials, sophisticated tools and crafting techniques, meticulous attention goes into the creation of every piece of this fine jewelry.

A dedication to 100% sustainability drives the entire process, with renewable energy and eco-friendly practices throughout. Gold and gem materials are certified ethically sourced, complying with environmental standards and human rights. Gold is obtained exclusively from rivers ("alluvial panned gold").

Base material is 925 sterling silver.

Gold plate is 23.7K (987/100 pure).

Earrings measure 0.4 inches (10 mm) long.

The Brilliana design line owes its captivating appeal to scintillating, perfectly brilliant-cut gemstones, whose 57 facets transmute light into a myriad of elegant reflections that lend each of these creations an aura of dazzling splendor.