Brave New Girl: How to Be Fearless

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By Lou Hamilton

Be your Own Superhero!

Embrace your inner strength and courage with Lou Hamilton's empowering words of wisdom. The tenacious Brave New Girl invites you to pause, reflect, and rise happily to find your best self, showing all woman and girls that anything is possible.

Insightful, bold, and timeless, Brave New Girl shows women and girls that anything is possible, and motivates them to move past fear and into courage. Each page is an invitation to pause, reflect, and happily rise to the occasion. This inspirational gift book encourages girls and women to seize the day, be kind to themselves, and break down any imaginary barriers holding them hostage.

Hardcover, 240 pages

Dimensions: 6/3/4 x 6-3/4 x 3/4 inches

"Brave New Girl is just a squiggly line drawing, but, page after page, she became someone I cared about and someone I rooted for. This is a book that I'd want to give to my best friends. Because they'll get it. They'll see themselves in it. They'll laugh and pause and nod and say AHA! They'll know exactly what BNG means . . ." — Sandy Gingras, bestselling author and illustrator