Blue Lin Porcelain Tumbler

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Iridescent porcelain tumbler in royal blue represents the marriage of form and function, traditional artistry with modern sensibility. Perfect for serving your favorite beverage or even for using as a small vase.

Masters of traditional design, with hundreds of years of knowledge and history behind them, the makers of Lin Pottery are known for the highest level of technical excellence. For centuries, the creation and exporting of traditional Japanese porcelain, then under the name "Imari", was steeped in traditional forms.

In 2011, the studio began rethinking it's mission and in 2016, after countless rounds of trial and error, a new tradition was born. Lin’s metal-like look, unique texture, and magical colors, which change color depending on the viewing angle, heralded a radical and bold new look. Lin, a collection of unprecedented, wonderful and unique porcelain was born.

Pretty enough to display out in the open, the entire collection is food safe, suitable for serving your favorite beverages and dishes.

Makes for a wonderful gift, individually, or in a set, as a wedding gift or for other special occasions.

Measures 6.25" H x 3" D

16 oz.