Wall Art from the Collection

Wall Art from the Collection

May 10th 2019

Walking through the corridors and galleries of the Detroit Institute of Arts is special. Not only does one get the chance to look at the art and artifacts on display, but true connections are formed, both personally, and with each other, in the expansive, yet somehow intimate spaces of the museum. In fact, this notion is reflected in the institution's mission statement: "The DIA creates experiences that help each visitor find personal meaning in art, individually and with each other." Art can be both personal and communal, or mutual, in the way we gather around it, admire it (or loathe it), discuss it, remember it, connect with it, make it our own. There are several works of art in these hallowed halls that speak to me. Directly to me. I do consider them mine, even though they also belong to so many other people, to everyone, really.

Cotopaxi, by Frederic Edwin Church, is one of the most popular works of art in the Detroit Institute of Arts, and is one such work that 'belongs' to me. I viewed this awesome masterpiece many times, but most recently during a visit accompanied by a dear friend who lives a long way away but was in town for work, giving us the opportunity to reconnect and share rare time together. Now, whenever I see this painting, it calls to mind that day, and those moments where we each contemplated this vast painting, while talking together about our lives, families, careers. This is my painting. I am lucky to know it in the way that I do, in my own personal way. Bringing this masterpiece home means extending that joy, that moment, that connection to the painting and to my friend.

Available on canvas in two size options, as a framed poster, or a made-to-order wallpaper mural.

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