P is for Pterodactyl

P is for Pterodactyl

May 2nd 2019

The Self-Described 'Worst Alphabet Book Ever' is taking the children's book world (and beyond) by storm. From Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter, this picture book features an A to Z of words that start with silent letters, pointing out, with hilarious insight, that the English language has some pretty strange rules (and many exceptions to said rules). 

Haldar, otherwise known as the rapper Lushlife, was quoted in the Guardian stating that he "got the idea for the book after watching a friend's child play with alphabet flashcards." The word quinoa caught his attention. Joking around with Carpenter about the idea of an entire alphabet beginning with silent letters, the idea for the book was born.

The book, released in November 2018, sold out its first run the day it was published, after going viral on social media. Now, over 210,000 copies are in print and the book is enjoying a long run on the children's picture book best-seller list. 

The New York Times quotes Kelly Barrales-Saylor, the editorial director of children’s nonfiction at Sourcebooks Kids who remembers “giggling at my desk the entire time I was reading the proposal.” She thinks one of the reasons “P Is for Pterodactyl” has done so well is that it appeals to both adults and children. “Kids think it’s hysterical because they’ve been taught all the rules of spelling and phonics and now here are all these ridiculous words that break the rules they just learned,” she says. “And adults think it’s hilarious because we know how ridiculous all those rules are in the first place.”

"P Is for Pterodactyl" is available in the DIA Shop, in store and online, along with an amazing assortment of books for kids (and adults) in recognition of Children's Book Week (April 29-May 5), an annual event promoting youth literacy.