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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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DIA Water Bottle Fans of the Detroit Institute of Arts are going to love this new item,thermal bottle developed exclusively for the DIA, with a graphic design based on the museum building. This clever fellow keeps your hot beverages hot (really - you might want to put an ice-cube in before you take a swig) and your cold bevvies cold and has a threaded insulated lid guaranteed not to spill during transport.

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Art is the Highest Form of Hope & Other Quotes by Artists Featuring the most inspirational and insightful collection of quotes by artists through the ages and across the globe, this exquisite keepsake is the ideal book for artists, collectors, and armchair enthusiasts. As painters, sculptors, photographers, and other visual artists see and experience the world through a unique lens, Art Is the Highest Form of Hope & Other Quotes by Artists shows that their life lessons, private revelations, and frank, often irreverent, opinions can guide us all.

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Flower Brooch in Claret From the Design Collection, the Flower Brooch in Claret powder-coat over stainless steel brooch is what happens when 'art meets design.' The artist utilizes an industrial technique to create a piece of wearable art. We think it represents the history and future of Detroit in one bold, yet graceful statement.

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Roddie Race Car Solidly constructed from heavy duty plastic with moving rubber wheels the MidiRoddie Race Car Buck is designed in the U.K. for finish and functionality. In timeless black with red stripes and tires with chrome accents. While it looks great on the shelf it is robust enough for everyday play and unrivaled in quality.

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DIA Hooded Pullover

With a drawstring on the hood and a front muff pocket to keep hands warm on chilly days, the new DIA hooded pullover sweatshirt makes a great gift this holiday season. In a medium-weight, soft cotton blend in light heather grey.

Bonus: the sewn-on applique of the museum building gets better the more times you wash it!

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Masterpieces Flip Flop Master-Pieces encourages kids to look closely at art, for a fun spin on art appreciation. Mix and match pieces of the world’s greatest artworks—from Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Gilbert Stuart’s George Washington to self portraits by Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh. Printed on heavy board and laminated, the superior quality makes an impression and will stand up to many uses. Short captions and biographies included.

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PXR 5 Watch in Dusty Pink The PXR-5 Watch was originally launched in 2005 by British designer Michael Young. Its futuristic stainless steel case features a digital LCD display and is akin to a belt buckle that is attached to the wrist by a utilitarian, woven nylon strap. This version of the PXR-5 features a dusty pink strap and copper case, resulting in a warm colorway that goes with everything and can be worn by anyone.

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The Original Buddha Board Master the art of letting go. Live for the moment and enjoy! The Original Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. You simply paint on the board's special surface with water and your creation comes to life. But, in the true spirit of living in the moment, your design disappears as the water evaporates, inviting you to create a whole new masterpiece.

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Paint by Sticker Masterpieces Paint Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, and 11 more iconic artworks...piece by piece, sticker by sticker. Paint by Sticker Masterpieces is a compelling activity for crafters and artists, it's a whole new way to appreciate art.

With works by Hokusai, Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, van Gogh, Homer, and others. The heavy-weight pages are perforated for easy removal and framing.

Great for artists ages 8 to 108.

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Palette Children's Desk and Chair Set What child wouldn't love this colorful desk and chair set in the shape of an artist's palette. The removable cups are perfect for storing important artist's tools such as crayons and paint brushes.

So many masterpieces will be created at this table!

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ScoopTHAT! Ice Cream Scoop When innovative design is applied to the tools of daily living, objects take on the attributes of both form and function. This is certainly true of the ScoopTHAT! Ice Cream Scoop. Using award-winning technology, the scoop makes easy work of hard ice-cream.

Perfect scoops every time.

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Plug Inn Color Wall Clock A classic design, the Plug Inn Color wall clock adds a touch of color to your home or office.

Great design never goes out of style.

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Gradient Puzzle Blue & Green The Gradient Puzzle is not for the weak of spirit. Reserved only for those who are able to withstand painstaking efforts. But, oh, the rewards! Who do you know that will rejoice at their victory of finishing this and then immediately take it apart so they can start again?

A great gift for artists, designers, and gluttons for punishment!

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Angel Ornament Inspired by Fra Angelico’s Annunciatory Angel, this limited edition ornament is truly a special memento this Christmas season. The original painting is a depiction of the Archangel Gabriel from the biblical story of the Annunciation. Each ornament is hand-painted on the inside of the glass; each one a unique result of the artist’s hand. Hand-painted glass.

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Vitamin P3 Vitamin P3 (the "P" is for "painting") spotlights more than 100 artists who are pushing the boundaries in the practice of painting. With 550 illustrations over 352 pages, this beautiful large-format book is a must-have for anyone interested in the medium of painting. The third and long-awaited installment in the "P" series.

A great gift for artists and designers.

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Still Life with Butterfly Scarf Wrap up in a luxurious silk chiffon scarf with a delicate pattern of flowers and butterflies. With hand-rolled edges, this scarf is made with attention to the finer details and is beautifully presented.

A great gift for gardeners and nature lovers.

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Birdtopia Birdtopia is a beautiful coloring book filled with gorgeous drawings of birds, flowers, woodland animals and whimsical insects. Brimming with fantastical flora and fauna and eight colored illustrations meant to inspire and spark your creativity.

A great gift for bird-watchers or coloring-book enthusiasts.

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Tree of Life Shadowbox Crafted of colored enamel and raised metal in a reclaimed walnut frame with black accents, the Frank Lloyd Wright Shadowbox is the perfect gift for anyone who loves architecture and design. Made completely in the USA (the frame itself is made in Ann Arbor, Michigan) with the environment in mind; the frame is made locally in Ann Arbor from re-purposed, locally-sourced wood.

A great gift for designers and architects.

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Playable Art Coaster Cube Coasters are essential items to have on hand - but who says they can’t be practical AND pretty AND double as modern décor? Playable ART Coaster Cube includes six coasters, each made from solid maple wood and painted in a different vibrant colors. Each coaster has three interconnected sections: one rotating middle piece and two fixed end sections. Each section is painted in a different shade of color.

When they’re not in use, the coaster pieces can be arranged into limitless shapes, structures, and three-dimensional configurations!

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Four-Tiered Spoondelier

For a truly whimsical, but not frivolous, gift, give the Quad Tier Spoondelier, made up of antique teaspoons, it is at once modern and traditional. Made to order, and crafted by hand, please order early for holiday delivery.

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Michael Graves Coffee Filter Press The classic design of the French press by architect Michael Graves is both functional and stylish enough to serve right at the table, whether with breakfast or as an end to the evening meal. The press filter method allows you to first bring water to the perfect temperature in a kettle and then pour into the press and let the mixture steep, brew or infuse for the preferred amount of time. When ready, press on the plunger to strain the liquid elixir. Pour into your favorite drinking vessel and enjoy a truly stylish cuppa!

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Chocolate Les Marquis de Laduree If all that you ever wanted was a book, edged in gold, gorgeously boxed and all about chocolate, then today is your lucky day!

In this gorgeous book,  Le Marquis de Laduree, you will read all about chocolate's rich history. For example, Marie Antoinette's penchant for orange blossom chocolate. After absorbing the pertinent details, you'll want to put your knowledge into practice by trying out a few of sumptuous recipes from part deux of the book.

Oh, and we'll be stopping by for a taste of the chocolate rice pudding and some roses des sables. About midday on Saturday, shall we say?

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Children's Porcelain Tea Set Create childhood memories that last a lifetime with a real porcelain tea set.

The classic white  porcelain tea set with gold embellished edges is perfectly fine to use straight out of the box, but for a more colorful version, add the Marabu Porcelain Painter Pen Markers to the gift and decorate the pieces as part of the fun.

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