Artists and Their Pets

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By Susie Hodge

Illustrated by Violet Lemay

Did you know that the great Pablo Picasso had many pets, including a white mouse and a goat? And that Andy Warhol loved his dachshunds, Salvador Dalí liked ocelots and anteaters, and Georgia O’Keeffe had a passion for chows and Siamese cats? Artists and Their Pets tells these stories and many more with full-color illustrations and a chirpy narrative that will delight both art buffs and pet enthusiasts.

An innovative way to discover the lives of famous artists through the connection with their pets.

Featuring 20 great artists, from Jackson Pollock to Leonardo da Vinci.

For elementary school students and art and history teachers.

For kids and parents interested in the lives and work of famous artists

Age Range: 9 to 12 years

Hardcover, 192 pages

Dimensions: 5.75 x 8.25 x 0.75 inches

A successful survey of art history and a fun reminder of the special relationship between humans and animals. — Booklist