3 Stone Corvette Bracelet B

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One-of-a-kind item.


Three-stone bracelet features Fordite cabochons made from recycled automotive paint that was shaped, polished and set in sterling silver. The raw material is authentic Corvette Paint overspray from the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant.

Fordite, also known also Motor City Agate, refers to the shaped and polished material 'mined' from old-style paint shops of the automotive industry. Thin layers of paint overspray would accumulate on shop floors and fixtures and harden as part of the 'baking' process. Over time, these layers could be several inches thick. The raw material proved fascinating as an artifact and souvenir, but soon it became obvious that the best use of this material was to transform it into jewelry and other objects revealing the hidden beauty of the layers within. 

Designed by Siesta Silver.

Nickel free and marked .925 indicating sterling silver.

Adjustable bracelet fits most wrists and measure 6 7/8" x 9.5".